Al Ferri & Sons




Store Hours:

Open Sept - July

9am - 6pm

9am - 5pm
& Holidays

Open when we're here,
Closed when
we're someplace else.

Christmas Day,
Boxing Day,
 and New Years Day.



       "Worth Travel'n For"

   Welcome partners to the home of pick your own apples & strawberries in Ontario. After many years we decided it was time to update our web page so we hope you just sit back and wait for the rest of it. Since nineteen thirty somethin', when the farm was bought by the Ferri family, apples & strawberries have always been grown here, and we've got pretty good at it since then. When you come to Ferri's you'll always get what you came for, whether it be pickin', eatin', or just arguin', but not climbin' the trees, and we guarantee it!

So if your serious about pickin' and quality matters this is the place to come, just ask your friends, and if they say somethin' bad, don`t listen to them, and come anyways.

Sponsor of The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair