Our Services are not just restricted to selling netting!


What do we have over the competition?  The key to successful installation is in matching your netting needs to your design and layout.  We offer complete before and aftermarket support including calculating, sizing , planning and troubleshooting geared to your individual specifications.  This can be accomplished seven days per week by fax, phone or email.

Netting technology and training coupled with years of installation experience give us a complete understanding of netting dynamics.

Smart Net Systems bird netting is manufactured using the finest quality Japanese U.V. protected polyethylene beads.  The highest level of quality control standards is employed in the manufacturing process in order to pass the product on to you, the customer.  Smart Net Systems Ltd. employs the same materials and quality standards on all of the nettings, supplied by us, for different applications.

Why do we use polyethylene netting rather than nylon of polypropylene?
Simple choice; polyethylene lasts up to three times longer under U>V> exposure that nylon or polypropylene.  When comparing polyethylene to nylon, not only will polyethylene last longer, polyethylene netting compounds are over 15% lighter than nylon compounds.

Custom sizes made to order in length and width.  We require four months of lead time for custom orders.  Netting widths up to 45 feet on three quarter inch square mesh and 60 feet on one inch square mesh material.  Lengths can be made to your exact specifications.

Stock sizes are listed below.

We now have hail netting 

FOB Norval ( Brampton), Ontario.

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Current bird netting sizes in inventory:

15 metres (50') x 100 metres (328')
                  1100 dernier, 25mm x 25mm mesh, wgt 57lbs.

15 metres (50') x 160 metres (524')
                 1100 dernier, 25mm x 25mm mesh, wgt 91lbs

10 meters (33') x 100meters (328')
                10,824sq. ft., 25mm x 25mm mesh, weight- 35lbs/net 

10 metres (33') x 160 metres (524')
                 1100 dernier, 25mm x 25mm mesh, wgt 57lbs

8 meters (26') x 100 meters (328')                                                                            
                8528 sq ft., 1100 dernier, 25mm x 25mm mesh, weight- ( 27 lb/net)

8 metres (26') x 160 metres (524')
               1100 dernier, 25mm x 25mm mesh, wgt. 48lbs.

6.2 meters (20') x 100 meters (328')                                          
   6460 sq. ft., 1100 dernier, 20mm x 20mm mesh, wgt- (21 lb/net)

6.2 meters (20') x 160 meters (524')                                                                               
                 1100 dernier, 20mm x 20mm mesh, wgt. 37lbs.

4 meters (13') x 100 meters (328')                                                                             
                  4200 sq ft., 1100 dernier, 20mm x 20mm mesh, wgt-  (14 lb/net)


Hail Netting

Insect/hail netting   12' x 324'          weight 107lbs.


Custom sizes require a special order and about 4 months lead time.