Red Snap'r                     Low Impedance 110 volt series

     LI100   100 mile Low Impedance, 12 stored joules, 8.3 joule output @
                 100 ohms.  Great for long or multi-strand fences and where
                  extreme vegetation load and brush is a problem.
                      Superior performance for sheep and predator control.

     LI50     50 mile Low Impedance, 6 stored joules, 4.5 joule output @
                 100 ohms.  Good for long fences or heavy vegetaion loads
                 are a problem.  Ideal for livestock control.

                        LI30     30 mile Low Impedance, 3 stored joules, 2.6 joule output @
                                    100 ohms.  Will effectively electrify medium systems or 
                                    shorter fences where concentrations of weeds are a problem

                         LI15     15 mile Low Impedance, similar to LI30, designed for shorter
                                    fences and lighter duty.

                                                 Low Impedance Battery Series

                       LIB30    30 mile, 12 volt, 1.5 stored joules, 1.2 joule output @ 100 
                                    The most effective and powerful 12 volt controller available.
                                    Will shock effectively on the weediest fences.  Voltage 
                                    Switch to extend battery life on shorter or cleaner fences.

                       LIB15    15 mile, 12 volt, similar to 30 mile model for shorter, cleaner
                                     fences.  Also has Voltage Control Switch for 25% longer
                                     battery life.

                                                Solar Electric Low Impedance Series

                                LIS10      10 mile, 6 volt 10 amp hr battery (included), 0.2 joule output
                                         Special circuitry and transformers that maintain maximum,
 higher voltage and energy levels and will 
  for and overcome shorts or energy drains     
                      caused by heavy   vegetation, fences in poor condition
                     and long fences.  These fences will not ground out  in 
                           wet grasses, heavy weeds or thick brush.

                         LIS3         3 mile, 6 volt 4.5 amp hr battery (included), same features 
                                          as LIS10.


Zareba ( American Farm Works,  BullDozer )

   WASP   200 mile, 20 stored joules, 15 joule output @ 75 ohms,
                  115 volt AC.  The most powerfull fencer made in USA.
                  Shocks through heavy wet weeds.  Controls all kinds of
                  animals, including predators.  Storm Guard lightning
                  protection module.  Low impedance.

          Model 402     50 mile, 2.8 stored joules, 2 joule output @ 200 ohms,
                             115 volt AC. Shocks through wet weeds.  Controls all
                             types of animals, including predators. Low impedance.

         Model 401    25 mile, 1.3 stored joules, 1 joule output @ 200ohms,
                                            115 volt AC.  Low impedance.  Shocks through wet
                                            weeds.  Will control all types of animals, including

                                                           BATTERY FENCERS

      Yellow Jacket   10 mile, .28 stored joules, .25 joule output at 400 ohms.
                             3 battery options: 4 D cell flashlight batteries; 6 volt or
                             12 volt external battery.  May be mounted on ground rod
                             or fence wire.  Extremely portable.  3 position switch: On,
                             Off, On 2 for battery saver mode.  Controls all kinds of
                                              animals including predators.  Batteries not included.
                                              Low impedance.


                               Tarantula         12 volt, 50mile battery fence controller, 2.8 stored joules,
                                 2 joule output @ 200ohms
                           shocks through wet weeds, controls all animals, even
                                  predators.  Requires deep cycle battery( marine). 



                                                                                       SOLAR FENCERS


Scorpion  30 mile, 12 volt battery (included), .66 stored joules,
                     0.5 joule output @ 300 ohms.  The most powerful
                 solar fencer made in the USA.  Shocks through
                 weeds.  Controls all types of animals.  Operates up to
                 2 weeks with no sun.  Low impedance.


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