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Insul Tube 4 mm ID, 49.21' roll (15m) , 98.43' roll (30m)
                  Rated for 20,000 volts.  Used to insulate electric wire.  
Underground Wire 2.5mm dia., (12.5 gauge), 50m,(164'), 30m(98'), 15m(49') rolls.          Rated for 20,000 volts.  Use to maintain
                               electrical current underneath gates and to
                                connect electric wire to fence controller.
Electric Fence Warning Sign- 4"x8" Durable plastic.  Required by
                                             law in some locals.
Electric Fence Warning Flag- Designed to self affix to fence wire.
Ratchet Tightener- Used to increase tension on fence wire.
Ratchet Tightener Crank Handle- Use with above ratchet to easily
                                                    increase tension.
44535 Connector for Rope
Tape Link with Clamp- Use  to conduct electricity to multi-strand
                                     electric tape fences. 
Fence Line Connector- Use to connect electric tape fence to
                                     fence controller. 
  Grounding Rod - 5/8" x 6 ft. galvanized rod.
Ground Clamp - Use with ground rod to connect underground wire.
Cut Off Switch - Heavy duty.  Comes in black, red and green.
  Fiberglass Posts - 3/8" diameter and 4 ft, 5 ft and 6ft high
2 ft Green Step-in Post -  ideal for garden protection 
  5 ft White plastic post with step in stirrup
Tensioning Tool - Use for tightening Bayco wire or regular wire
                            in conjunction with wire vices or Gripples.
5064 Wire Vise 9 ga. and Bayco   Click here for more info.
5058 Wire Vise 12.5 ga                 More info.
5062 Wire Vise 10 ga.
5056 Wire Vise 14 ga.
5065 Wire Link 9 ga. and Bayco - Use for joining Bayco wire.
5059 Wire Link 12.5 ga. - Use for joining 12.5 ga. wire.
Crimp Sleeve- Use for splicing 12.5 ga. wire.
Crimp Sleeve - Long, Gritted, 12.5 ga.                     
Kiwi Latch (Spring) -  Quick and effective gate latch that smart
                                   animals cannot 'flip' open ( shown in picture).
                                   Kiwi Latch (non spring) also available.
  VTPS16- Vinyl T-Post Sleeve with Cap - Attractive sleeve to cover
                                    steel t-post.  Use with poly-electric tape to
                                    make a smart looking fence.
VWPS4 - Vinyl Wood Poast Sleeve with Cap -  Similar to above
                                    but used to cover 4"x4" poasts.
Temperature Compensating Spring -  Maintains tension when fence
                                                          wire expands during hot
Lightning Protector Kit -  Kit contains fuse type coil which pops
                                       back when fence is struck by lightning,
                                       breaking the circut and protecting ex-
                                       pensive fence controllers.  Also contains
                                       handy, heavy duty switch.


Euro Reel - Heavy duty reel suitable for up to 500m of Polyshock
                   wire.  It has a locking device and can hang on a fence.
Electric Tape Reel - A robust reel suitable for up to 1000m of tape
                               or 2000m of stranded wire. Comes with a
                                metal support and a harness.
Wire Reel - Heavy Duty Reel suitable for up to 2000m stranded
                   wire.  Can be hung on a fence.